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Re: Amazombie vs. Mom & Pop

Hi.  I've been reading this whole Amazon vs small shop thing for a few days
now, and here's where I add my .02.  Since this whole debate doesn't really
have anything to do with artist books, letterpress, etc, neither does my
response.  (Incidentally, since I've never posted before, I have taken one
printmaking class and one book arts class at the local art museum, one
semester of book arts/letterpress at the Black Rock Press here in Reno, and
make my own paper on occasion.  I also work at the public library.  Now you
know where I'm coming from. :-))

At 06:05 PM 1/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Um, hi, lots of talk here in the Jan 10th/11th digest about Amazon, et. =
>undercutting mom & pop, and the notion that if one is on a tight budget
>(read "financial difficulties") one is simply being thrifty and shrewd by
>patronizing the "big guys".
>Hello, if you're having financial difficulties, what the hell are you
>buying expensive books for??? (The discounts of 20-30% are only really
>meaningful on higher pricepoint items anyway.)
Let's face it...as long as we're talking about books to read, and not to
collect, or admire (art books)...why buy them at all?  Go to the library
and check them out.  You've already paid for that service in the form of
taxes, you won't have to find a place to store them or move them, and
you'll save a tree or two by not having Mega Publisher Inc print as many
copies next time.

Now, with that said, I will say that I love bookstores too, and I do buy
books occasionally, mostly used.  Actually, I probably buy more books from
the library's annual used book sale than anywhere else.  But for any number
of reasons, my book dollar goes to the library.



Breathe deep.  Seek peace.

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