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Re: Gloria Stuart's Works???

I just went next door to Special Collections and paged three of her works.
Robin is right.  Her book, Beware The Ides of March, is a loving tribute to
Ward followed by a touching response from him to her.  It is beatifully
bound and boxed with an inset on the spine holding 2 small gold hearts.
Bound by Joeseph D'Ambrosio.
Also took a look at Ukiah for Ward (Enishi) and Writing a Poem about Flying
a Kite.
I thought Gloria Stuart was wonderful in Titanic and am glad to have found
these wonderful books, in my own back yard!

Michelle Venditelli
Bindery Manager
Brown University
Rockefeller Library
Providence, RI 02912
401-863-3905  fax  401-863-1272

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