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(Fwd) Limited edition book

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lindaart@digitel.net (Linda Warner)

Ton Cremers

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Date:          Tue, 13 Jan 1998 09:28:52 +0000
From:          lindaart@digitel.net (Linda Warner)
Reply-to:      lindaart@digitel.net
To:            cremers@xs4all.nl
Subject:       Limited edition book

I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I have been asked to compile a
book about a uniquely built home. This book would be hard bound with a
slipcase. It would be printed in full color with photos and text. There
would probably be between 200 and 500 copies needed. The book would be
about 100-150 pages long. It would have the visual appeal of a nice
"coffee table" book, for want of a better description. Can you help me
locate a printer and bindery?

Linda Warner

Ton Cremers
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