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Re: Amazon.com

Sorry, Kerrie,

Normally, when a bookseller buys books or anything he will put in his
inventory to sell, he is exempt from paying a sales tax since when he sells
the book tax will be charged at that time. If the seller were to be charged
tax also, then the book would be taxed twice. However, if the seller bought
the book for his own use, then he must pay the sales tax on that purchase.

Sorry for leaving you in the dark. And thanks for continuing to probe. Please
keep in touch.


Kerrie Johnston wrote:

> On Mon, 12 Jan 1998 11:29:17 -0500 Fran Morris <moras@HIC.NET> writes:
> >It was my understanding from the post that the writer was talking
> >aboutdealers being charged a sales tax for books.
> I'm sorry but I'm still not sure just what you mean. I'm just a customer.
>                                     Love,
>                                       Kerrie

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