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Re[2]: Amazombie vs. Mom & Pop

     If'n I'm not mistaken, doesn't the name Husker Du come from W.S.
     Burroughs' _Naked Lunch_?  Along with other such notable bands as
     Steely Dan and The Insect Trust.  Which actually could be a pretty
     (tangential) link to Charlie Parker.  The Beat authors were great fans
     of jazz, and The Bird was mentioned in quite a few of their works.

     To keep this relatively on topic.  WSB's first book, Junkie, was
     printed back to back with a book by a law enforcement officer (to
     avoid the publisher being charged with pandering to drug use).  Is
     there a technical term for binding books back to back (often with the
     page head the opposite direction).



Hear hear! And for those who don't automatically know how special umlauted
u's translate into some of these emails, H=FCsker D=FC translates into
Husker Du, with umlauts over those o's. One of the great punk/alternative
bands of the mostly 80's, out of Minneapolis, I believe -- nice to know
such sounds may have been listened to by book arts folks, even though right
now I may be binding books to the sounds of Charlie Parker.

Still, in a time of books as opposed to an earlier oral culture, and
recorded music more often that live shows, not to mention conversations on
e-mail, I don't think it's quite right to deny the term "culture" to
anything that's not face-to-face. As a bookmaker/publisher, after all, I
don't see most of the people who buy the books.

charles alexander
chax press

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