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Re: Embossing

To really help I would need to know what kind of binding you intend.  Also,
what is the nature and size  of the design.  Fairly complex patterns can be
carved into and built up on davy or mat board.  Cloth, leather or paper can
be moulded or embossed onto the boards forming the cover at the same time.
Paper cover stock can be hand embossed in such a matrix using any blunt
tool.  I saw an edition of embossed prints that the artist and his wife
made with their feet and cardboard matrixes.  I had a grad student who
created large embossed works by cutting shapes out of masonite.  Muslin
soaked in rabbit skin glue was applied and the shapes used to push the
cloth into their respective holes and left overnight to dry.
I will be happy to explain more in depth if needed.  Remember, for any
intricate detail, positive and negative matrixes are used together. Cheers,

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