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Re: Amazombie vs. Mom & Pop

Hi Kerrie :)

I may be wrong, but I've been under the understanding that you are NOT
liable for sales tax UNLESS the company you order from also does business
(has a real office or something) in YOUR state.  You are then liable for
state sales tax (at your state's rate) because the exact same merchandise
is available from the exact same company in your state.

I don't know if the collected tax ever winds up in the coffers of
the state to which it is due??

And, yes, I'll bet it is a nightmare for the tax people.  boohoo <g>

In any case, it's really nothing for you to be concerned with, since it
is the responsibility of the company you're ordering from to collect
taxes when they are due.

As for your marvelous :) ethics, I wouldn't DREAM of telling you mine in
such matters! <g>

Ron Yost
Paso Robles, Calif.

At 01:52 7:24 PM 1/13/98 -0800, you wrote:
>           For sales tax, I'm confused. I order from places all over the
>country very often by mail. Some charge tax, some don't. I thought if tax
>was due they'd charge it. I would *NEVER* go to the next state (which
>doesn't charge sales tax) to avoid paying sales tax. NEVER. I don't do
>things like that. But I honestly thought if any tax was due by mail
>they'd charge me since so many places do. This must be a real mess from
>the tax collector's point of view since even those of us who try to be
>honest are apparently in the wrong too.
>                                    Love,
>                                      Kerrie

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