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Re: Used books

At 10:33 AM 1/13/98 -0800, Tricia Adams wrote:

>And not the author!  Used books are the bane of authors.  No royalties

>are paid to authors when a used book is sold.  I *only* buy used books

>that are out of print!

Used book sales may not profit authors directly, but the sale of
used books benefits soiety in other ways.  First, it keeps many
booksellers in business and bookstore workers employed.  Second,
they allow those without much money to continue reading.  And don't
forget that it keeps alot of paper out of the landfill.  Libraries
are probably more damaging to authors (I know many people who never
buy books at all!).


<bold>Samantha A. Couture

</bold>Cornell University

Department of Preservation and Conservation

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