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Re: Binding Equipment

At 02:34 PM 1/13/98 -0800, you wrote:
>This message is being placed by me for the Sea Pen Press as they do not
>have a computer.  If interested, please contact them, not me.
>For Sale:  19" Challenge Guillotine Paper Cutter
>           7 California type cases (wood and clean)
>           dingbats (math signage, skulls, fists, etc.)
>           7' standing metal screw press with boards-platen size
>               =36" by 25"
>Prefer to see the whole lot not by the piece to a person who is seriously
>committed to the art of the book.  Please contact Suzanne Ferris at
>(206) 522-3879.  Shipping the responsibility of the buyer and is not
>included in the purchase price of $1,700.
I was consideing this a possibility until I realized I was only three
thousand miles from the 206 area code. I am in Fla. the equipment is in
Seattle. If only it was on this side of the Rockies. I am sure you will
find a buyer near by. So my quest continues......hint to all out there with
used equipment.

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