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Re: Amazombie vs. Mom & Pop

>I may be wrong, but I've been under the understanding that you are NOT
>liable for sales tax UNLESS the company you order from also does business
>(has a real office or something) in YOUR state.  You are then liable for
>state sales tax (at your state's rate) because the exact same merchandise
>is available from the exact same company in your state.

I live in Eastern Oregon (no sales tax), 40 miles from the Washington
border, and I can tell you, people flock across the state line to avoid
sales tax.  Oregon businesses who do not also have a business presence in
Washington are not required to collect sales tax from Washington residents.
It is the individual's responsibility to report the purchase.  I would
assume this would apply to mail order purchases as well. People who do not
share Kerrie's ethics make it a point to pay with cash so there is no paper
trail.  ...speaking of paper, did this thread start with something about
books?  Sorry for adding to the tangent.

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