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Re: Amazombie vs. Mom & Pop

I agree w/ Marc that libraries are wonderful. my experience has been,
though, that they often don't have much money and they need to order what
will be read most, and book arts books are not always that! also, they
can't usually afford much in the way or journals--too specialized.

that said, I must say that although I have shopped in the big bookstores, I
_hate_ them. I dislike the atmosphere, and the type of books they have.
there seems to be a lot of junk mixed in, where as the small booksellers
have much more care for what they carry. also, I--and this is a world
view--would very much like to own my own small business one day, and so I
support them as much as possible on my very limited budget. I want to see
the world remain personal and the chains don't do it for me.

oh, and I consider this related to the topic, since we all buy books about
book arts.

                now, again, poetry,
                violent, arcane, common
                hewn of the commonest living substance
                into archway, portal, frame

                        from Adrienne Rich, "The Fact of a Doorframe"
leilx@olympus.net                                       leil james alexander

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