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Re: Wooden covers?

On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Paul Anderson wrote:

> I've heard somewhere before that some very old books had carved wooden
> covers, is this true?  If so, where could I find more info on this?  TIA,
 Wooden covers, certainly.  Wood was a very common material for the
 covers of early books.  Wood covers with decorative carving were done in
 the nineteenth century.  Whether that qualifies as very early depends on
 your view of time. A good book to read on bookbinding history if you
 want to get really detailed is Bernard Middleton's History of English
 Craft Bookbinding Technique.  There are also many other books out there
 with nice pictures of older books, though not always with enough text
describing the pictures.  If you have access to a good university library,
you should be able to find something.


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