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Re: Copier Transfers

Dear Janet:  This is a quick sort of answer to your question about transfering

images from copy art to clay...there's an exhibit at the Duxbury Art Complex

 in Duxbury, MA right now which includes some of this....:

Your computer or other art is copied on a copy machine, and from that, using a

 photoemulsion, transfered to a silkscreen. I believe that an underglaze is used

 as  paint to transfer the image onto the clay which is then fired.Colors

can also be added.  The clay tile, or slab, slightly damp,   can also be molded

before firing.

The results are fantastic....you can use a still from a video camera transfered

to your computer and printer also, but it still has to go through the xerox

copier to provide the right dot pattern for the silkscreen.

There is a direct transfer from xerox onto clay..I am sure you will get other

email on this, it is easier but not quite so spectacular, IMHO.   Louise

Neadaerlander would have info on this and the ISCA (Int'l Society of Copier


Let us know how it comes  out...whichever method(s) you use.


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