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Re: book arts journals


A  quick comment concerning feelings about the publication, JAB....

I enjoy reading it because it is written, for the most part, by academics

who give critical comment about what is going on in the artist's book genre

(notice the word genre...an esoteric noun used by art critics!)  Hands-on

artists who are completely involved in their work may not be that interested in

what the word-mongers argue about. But they certainly  have a place.

 They  are caught up in analysis !  They are like analytical

 historians. They delve into what book artists have done, what they are now

 doing, and try to predict the trends and what is right or wrong about it all--

 in their humble opinions.  And that's great, too.

(I must say that I like reading whatever Johnna Drucker might write. She

knows the difference between an art book and an artist's book!)


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