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Odd Product

  Camille, the stuff you have is very likely to be a Demco item.  They
have made a purveyor book destroying library materials for years, and
for small libraries trying to keep copies of popular paperbacks and
magazines of no enduring social value (yes, a subjective judgment) on
the shelves Demco is up there with the Trinity.  They will have every
kind of bookcloth tape known to man and God.  You can reach them by
phone (1-800-356-1200) or on the net: info@Demco.com

  Incidentally, the makers of filmoplast--a sort of respectable scotch
tape--now make a bookcloth tape with the same kind of neutral adhesive
which can be had through Talas in New York.  If folks are breathing fire
down your neck to "fix it" and the "it" will be dust within ten years or
discarded, duct tape, demco tape, scotch tape, and what ever are fine,
as far as I am concerned.  I am not about to waste expensive japanese
tissue and my time conserving such an item.  The trick here is to be on
your guard for the person who doesn't know the collections policies well
enough to be sure that the book is going to be discarded, hasn't
properly evaluated the item, etc.  Nothing in life is certain.

  Dorothy Africa

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