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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 12 Jan 1998 to 13 Jan 1998

Could someone please explain the term brayer?  And before the image has
been transferred onto the clay - has it been bisqued already or do you let
the toner soak in first and then bisque?  I have not worked with polymer
clay only porous, so imagine there are differences in handling.  I've
noticed your using the term bake - so is polymer clay baked in the oven and
at what temperature.

Colette Vosberg

> Janet,
> I've done them on polymer clays.  It's a very simple technique, just
> roll out the clay, lay the photocopy on it toner side down (I brayer it
> on at this stage) then leave it alone.  The toner will transfer to the
> clay in a while (the paper looks like oiled paper at that point).  I
> usually leave them overnight, so I don't know how many minutes/hours
> this takes.  Then just peel off the paper and bake as usual.
> Regards,
> Tricia
> triciaa@cats.ucsc.edu

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