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Re: Wooden covers?

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>Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 23:43:54 +0000
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>In reply to what our respected collegue Jack Thompson wrote:
>According to my knowledge wooden boards are used much longer as until
>400 years ago. The "bulk" of books made with wooden boards date from
>app. 1600-1675. When you walk through a European (university)library
>you can easily see this. Most of them are folio's.
>As to the carving of wooden boards:  I once had a client (who was not
>hindered by any knowledge of books, but still in the posession of
>quite a few) who called me once and told me he had bought a very rare
>book. The book had wooden boards but was not covered with leather.
>Even more: the boards were carved with strange patterns. I invited him
>to show me the book and so he did. What was supposed to be carvings in
>the surface of the boards turned out to be the imprints of stamps etc.
>which were used to emboss the leather cover. The central stamp
>(supralibros) was forced in to the binding very heavily and left an
>impression in the wood............
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