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Re: Digital Caslon


It bothers me that I must embed a font or include it on a disk in order to
have a service bureau out put a Quark file.  I need to have the exact font
be reproduced in my document for size, layout etc. but I can't control what
happens to that document file when the disk is being used.

Trying to work within the spirit of the law! Not always easy!


At 12:15 PM 11/30/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Jennifer Zignone's response was totally correct, and although the
>person she wrote to was probably innocently intended, the fact is
>that a number of lawsuits have been properly brought to protect the
>property of the designer and the firm which invested in the
>digitizing and made it available to the public. There will be more.
>But the reason for not giving away or "lending" fonts is more of a
>moral one than just not getting caught doing it. The fact that it is
>far easier to steal an electronic file than carry off the Mona Lisa
>is not merely the difference in value, it's really the same thing.
>                                                                Harold

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