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Re: Digital Caslon

Michael Morin wrote:

> Agreed,
> It bothers me that I must embed a font or include it on a disk in order to
> have a service bureau out put a Quark file.  I need to have the exact font
> be reproduced in my document for size, layout etc. but I can't control what
> happens to that document file when the disk is being used.
> Trying to work within the spirit of the law! Not always easy!

Another consideration, from the S.B.'s point of view is the difference between
fonts from different creators. They want to be sure that the output matches
what you expect, this often requires the same font that was used to create the
file. I used to work at a S.B. and part of my job was identifying, tracking
down, and fixing postscript and other errors. The S.B. is trying to remove as
many variables as possible. As a big firm, we had several complete font
libraries, Adobe, Agfa, Font. Co., Monotype, etc. We generally would
substitute our font, if the client would agree to run the file(s) "as is." A
smaller firm can't usually afford to own all the libraries...they're very

Yes, it ultimately becomes a conflict for everyone involved.

Darryl Baird

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