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Re: Oil of Wintergreen revisited

Terry Belanger wrote:
> In my Rare Book School book illustration process identification classes,
> have each student make a linoleum cut from an image I provide. In the
> I've attached the paper containing the photocopied image to the surface
> the lino block with white glue and had students cut through the paper to
> create the image. This has never been very satisfactory--so when there
> several exchanges on this list several months ago about the use of oil of
> wintergreen for transferring photocopies to the surface of relief blocks,
> stocked up. (The local K-Mart pharmacy did not carry oil of wintergreen
> could order it for me. A small bottle costs $5, but lasts a long time.)
Another (and cheaper) way to transfer an image from a cheap xerox to
another surface is to place the xerox face down on the block (or whatever)
and rub is with a cotton ball moistened in nail polish remover. You can get
big bottles of the stuff for a couple of dollars at discount pharmacies or
beauty supply stores. There are some better-quality photocopies that won't
transfer this way, but with the products of Kinko's or most university copy
centers, it works just fine.

Emily Epstein

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