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Paper storage


Since I just can't justify (aka afford) the expense of the flat drawer
files most suppliers carry, I am considering getting a bid from a local
cabinet maker. (The Texas Hill Country is blessed with many good craft
artisans of the old school.) This way, in addition to saving some money, I
can get the files fitted to my space.  I expect the frames will be maple
and the drawer bottoms plywood. These will be used for working stocks of
paper, not archival document storage. The question is about finish. Is
there a preferred finish I should use? Or a lining? I don't plan to use a
stain. On most of the woodwork I do (presses, etc) I use lacquer or

Suggestions, warnings, etc., will be appreciated, as usual.


Sam Lanham
Sam Lanham (slanham@hctc.net)

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