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Children's literature?

  My father sent me a book he found at a local used bookstore.  It is in
good shape except for some discoloring (mold stains?) on the back cover.
It is called the Nuremburg Stove, printed around 1929 as I recall.  It
is one of those dreadfully didactic fairy tales for children so dear to
the turn of the century mind.  The illustrations are quite fine examples
of the period, and the front cover is a good example of the publishers
covers of the day.  If there is anyone out there who knows anything
about this book, or wants it, my father and I would like to see that it
finds a good home.  If you have info to share on childrens' books of the
day, the rest of the list may be interested, but please contact me off
the list with questions, etc. Many thanks,
 Dorothy Africa


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