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Dear Friends
        I am writing with a question that applies to the business side of the
books arts. I just returned from dropping off a 500+ mailing at the post
office. The process of preparing the mailing was incredibly time
consuming and I am thinking that there have to be some shortcuts. I
thought I'd describe my mailing and ask anyone  who's willing to share
tips and experiences. I know my list is not the most up-to-date and
would like to know how people cull their lists. I've considered sending
a reply card for people to send back if they want to stay on the list.
        My mailings are geared to teachers and contain information about the
workshops that I give in the schools and the books I am writing. I've
gathered the names from: people who have booked workshops, people who
have bought copies of my book, people who have signed up to be on my
mailing list at workshops and conferences. They date back to 1995.
        I do a mailing once or twice a year. I try to make them professional
and informative with a personal touch. This mailing had 3 parts. There
was a French fold card printed on the copier with a New Year greeting on
the front and Workshop News, Publishing News, and Exhibit News on the
rest of the pages. I enclosed a copy of my brochure which I have printed
by a printer. I fold it myself- it's the 8 page booklet out of one piece
of paper. It's a lot of work but has been very effective for me. It
holds lots of information and attracts attention by being different. I
also enclosed a 4" x 5" flat card about an exhibit I'm having at the
Newburyport Public Library.  I put all the pieces in an A2 envelope. The
envelopes had to have the return address stamped on, plus labels,
stamps, and sealing. I resisted the urge to use my favorite Chinese New
Year stamps and went with self adhesive stamps. The mailing list program
I have been using is My Advanced Mail List which was on a PC. I now have
a Mac and will be switching over. I'd appreciate any suggestions as to
mailing list/database programs.
        I usually get one ot two jobs as a direct result of the mailing and
it's hard to gauge how many of the calls I get through the year are the
result of keeping in touch.
        The biggest timesaver for the future would be to do postcard mailings.
The problem is that I like to send a current brochure. My brochures are
very detailed. Most of the people on the list are not the ones who would
make the decision to hire me so I feel that if they have the current
brochure, it will give them information to take to the powers that be.
I'm thinking that perhaps postcards with a note saying call or write for
my latest brochure might work.
        I would appreciate any comments relating to my situation but also think
that a dialogue on this subject would be useful to many. Thanks.

in good spirit,

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA

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