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Re: Mailings


one suggestion (tho perhaps you've already done this): look into
the possability of bulk mailing rates...  if i remember right,
there's a $85 per year permit, and a minimum of 200 pieces per
mailing; but th per-unit cost goes down to .20@...  (check w/
yr postoffice--like sed, that's from memory, & i have a headcold).

the biggest hassle is the presorting requirements--you have to
sort things out by zipcode, then bundle together sets of letters
with more than 10 to a single zip, then w/ more than 10 to a range
of zips (say, all metro newyork...).  it seems pretty daunting to
talk about it, but i never found it as difficult as it sounded, and
the PO folks were helpful as long as i had made a goodfaith effort.
i keep my mailinglists in filemaker on the mac, then export th
lables to maclabel pro--i can do a lot of the sorting in the computer,
i imagine a dedicated mailinglist program might offer more & better
such features.

for myself, i found that even doing a couple of mailings per year,
around 500 per, amounted to a significant savings...

as for the content; since you're offering a service seemingly geared
toward finearts production, seems like the material should be in
keeping w/ that--i'd stick w/ the somewhat more elaborate letter/
brochure setup.

luigi-bob drake

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