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Susan & y'all:

The only thing I could say about your mailing procedure is that you might be
sending too much material, thus paying high postage, to some people who may
not need all that. Separate your mailings and be more specific. It could
save you some postage.

If I'm in an exhibition, I only send the announcement to people in the close
viscinity. I let the gallery do their own mailings.

I've done mail promotion of my Pequeno Press books for 15 years. I've kept
accurate count of every book order as to WHERE they got my name... from a
book, a magazine, a newsletter, my website or my promotional flyers. It's
important to ask each customer so you don't continue to shotgun the phone
book and lose money on postage and printing. I print, fold, address and
stamp all my own mailers, so paper and ink and postage is all I have to keep
track of. On the average 3 editions I do a year, I send out about 400 flyers
for each one... double fold, round sticker on back, printed address sticker
and prestuck stamp on front. This has the order blank printed on it too.

I've done that "mail back this card if you want to remain on my list"
number, but, in general, it doesn't work very well. People are too lazy to

There's no easy or cheap way to get around this that I've found. I'll be
interested to hear what other people have to say.


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