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Re: Mailings

hi susan, i am using this message not to answer your questions about mailing
but i do think a postcard note is a good idea rather than spending so much on
brochure mailings. on the other side, sending a brochure might better capture
the interest of persons. i am writing to apologize for not coming to the sol-
stice party on Jan. 4. That was Talia
s, my granddaughter
's birthday party, and I thought as it was in the morning, I could go to that and then on to yours. it was not to be. my grandson, 5 months old, got chicken
pox and i had to stay and take care of him as he could not be brought to a func-
tion with 20 some four year olds and expose them to chicken pox. the day was
shot, as i wound up staying all afternoon to help out with the general chaos of
a household of a sick kid and a rambunctious four year old, high from the ex-
citement of her big day. so it goes. but i have a suggestion. there is a fine
show coming to the Rose, the Boston Area Artists who this year are Kendra
Ferguson(you'll love her work), Elsbeth Deser, JoAnn Rothschild, and Natalie
Alper. On sunday, feb. 8 at 3, the artists will be there to discuss their work.
i thought it might be fun for us to meet in waltham at 1 for a bite,i know a
great place called tomato city, and come over to see the show and hear the
artists. if you're available that afternoon, i'll check with ruth and see if shecould join us. hope all is well with you. all the best, karen

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