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Re: call for entries

=09=09The Oregon Book Arts Guild will sponsor a juried show of handmade b=
ooks at=0Athe Collins Gallery, Multnomah County Central Library, Portland=
, Oregon,=0AOctober 5-November 15, 1998=0A=09=09The theme of this year's =
show is "Wonderland.=94  1998 is the centenary=0Aanniversary of the death=
 of Lewis Carroll. We envision this show as a salute=0Ato the unbounded i=
magination of this author. The books should deal with any of=0Athe works =
of Lewis Carroll--Through the Looking Glass, any of his poems, etc.=0ACar=
roll=92s writings are in the public domain so your book can and should=0A=
contain at least some of his words. You can re-interpret them or bounce o=
ff=0Athem and do your own thing but there should be some reference to Car=
roll's=0Awritings. Remember, Carroll was also a mathematician and has wri=
tten seriously=0Aon mathematics. For inspiration you might want to check =
out the Lewis Carroll=0Aweb page at http://www.lewiscarroll.org/carroll.h=
tml.=0A=09=09We envision this show as lighthearted. Those of you familiar=
 with our=0Aactivities know that the last theme was =93Endangered=94 and =
contained many=0Adifficult subjects. We=92re going to the other end of th=
e spectrum and  hope to=0Ajust have fun with these books. We hope you wil=
l join in.=0A=09=09The deadline for submission of books is August 10, 199=
8.  You may enter up=0Ato three books.  Each entry must be accompanied by=
 an entry form. A catalogue=0Awill be prepared.=0A=09=09For an entry form=
, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope(SASE) to=0APatricia Gras=
s, 1928 21st Ave, Suite A, Forest Grove, OR 97116. If you have=0Aquestion=
s you can write Patricia Grass or call 503-357-7263 (9 am-5 pm west=0Acoa=
st time) or e-mail at PAGrass@aol.com.=0A=09=09=0A

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