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Re: Mailings

I find My Advanced Mailing LIst for Mac to be quite a good program, having
kept a mailing list on MS Word and found printing to be the BIGGEST hassle
in the world!! also it was just plain unweildy and not as easily sorted. at
least, for me. the nice thing about the mail list program (besides being
cheap) is that you can have as many fields as you wish, so you can have 4
or 5 codes per person if you need that kind of sorting capability. or it
will pick up anything within a field.

filemaker is a good program too, but it takes a lot longer to learn. and if
you don't want to pay for a program, there are programs in shareware like
AddressBook which do a lot of the same things (although it might be less


Mountain Spirit p o box 368     Port Townsend, WA  98368        360-385-4491
Denise Joy, Herbalist

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