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Re: Paper storage

>The question is about finish. Is
>there a preferred finish I should use? Or a lining? I don't plan to use a

No-one seems to have addressed this yet.  The best I can come up with now
(on finishes) is the following message, which was in Conservation Online.  A
good possibility for lining materials are the Microchamber products from
Conservation Resources--available as different weights of paper, boards, and

Mary Gissing (mgissing@fmch.ucla.edu)
15 May 95

1. Three classes of coatings have been recommended as
appropriate for sealing wood (a) moisture cure urethane with
aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, (b) 2 pack epoxy polyamide
cure, (c) moisture cure //rethane with xylene solvent.

2. Proprietary products change in constituents from time to
time without warning from the manufacturer, and therefore
tests should be carried out on any proprietary products from
time to time to ensure their continued acceptance for
conservation usage

3. Research is currently underway at CCI to study the
properties of 22 proprietary products, and the results will
be available to the conservation community within the next

Basically, I need to do this now, and am curious about the products
which are currently in use, particularly if they have passed Oddy
tests and the like to assess their barrier properties. Any ideas?

Mary Gissing
UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History

Cathy Atwood
Local Records Program, Missouri Secretary of State

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