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Re: Mailings

At 05:47 PM 22/01/98 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 1/22/98 4:35:42 PM, you wrote:
><<When you bulk mail you can get correction information. You put "address
>correction requested" on the piece and the post office sends you a copy of
>the mailings cover with the new information and charges you 50 cents. The
>wording of "address correction" is changing this July so be sure to check
>with the bulk mail office at your post office where you get your permit.
>On the other hand, if you send your mailing first class, you get an address
>correction without additional charge. 50 cents seems pretty steep for the
>priviledge (?) of using bulk mail!
>Barbara Harman
If I'm not mistaken, Jon meant 50 cents total for the address correction of
all the mailings, not each one individually.

Crista Cannariato

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