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Re: Mailings

>><<When you bulk mail you can get correction information. You put "address
>>correction requested" on the piece and the post office sends you a copy of
>>the mailings cover with the new information and charges you 50 cents. The
>>wording of "address correction" is changing this July so be sure to check
>>with the bulk mail office at your post office where you get your permit.
>>On the other hand, if you send your mailing first class, you get an address
>>correction without additional charge. 50 cents seems pretty steep for the
>>priviledge (?) of using bulk mail!
>>Barbara Harman
>If I'm not mistaken, Jon meant 50 cents total for the address correction of
>all the mailings, not each one individually.

no, it's 50 cents per returned item--if you have a really bad mailinglist,
that can add up...  you also have th option of not putting "address
correction requested" on th pieces, then they just get tossed and your
mailing list stays buggy...

every situation is different, & you have to do the math to compare realtive
prices...  say f'rinstance you do 3 mailings a year, 500 pieces:

                firstclass                      3rd class

permit                                               $85

1500 pieces    x.32 = $480                   x.20@ = $300

returns*                                             $12.50

total                 $480                           $397.5

                *(a good list, 5% bad addresses the
                 first time only 'cause you fix 'em)

and again, i'm figuring round numbers off the top ov my head--check
the post office, they're supposed to help...

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