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color print, smudge, etc.

I'm doing a little book with letterpress covers, and I tried, last night,
thinking it would fail, to run some arches cover paper, which is the cover
of this booklet, through my little epson color stylus 400, to print a color
image which might go along with the letterpress covers. The book is a
little dos-a-dos pamphlet to be distributed mostly at a reading by the two
poets whose work it contains -- that reading occurs in a few weeks.

To my utter surprise, the arches went through the epson printer just fine.
Only problem, most of the sheets I put through as samples, about six of
them, all picked up at least a very tiny smudge of ink somewhere. Most of
these I can pick off with some of the paper fibers, or scratch off in some
way. But I wonder if anyone has experience with this, if there's anything
at all I can do with printer settings or anything else, to make this less
likely to happen. Or is it just part of what one lives with when trying to
do such things?

Any help is most appreciated.


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