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Re: Need information on whereabouts

From: linda <capella@AKSI.NET>
Subject: Re: Need information on whereabouts
Date: Friday, January 23, 1998 8:35 AM

Dear Gill,
I wrote to Pensky-Adam when I first joined the Guild and found the address
in the directory.  Many months later, I received a letter telling me that
Chicago (?) waas home base, Florida in winter, and that gardening was now
the passion, not bookbinding, not teaching.
Linda Rollins
Ft. Lauderdale>
>        I have tried to phone Heinke Pensky-Adam in Florida.The number
given on
>the links pages belongs to some poor ol' soul that thought I was an
>encyclopedia salesman. Thought I would ask the forum first then try Peter.
>Please e-mail
>Gill Johnston
>PS: If you call the number on the link page please tell the ol' soul that
>am not a book finder either. He kept on saying he had not lost any books.
>gave up.

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