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Re[2]: Mailings

     Actually you can use ACS (Automated Correction Service--for the big
     boys, the post office gives them the correction on computer media) or
     its manual equivalent on bulk mail.  The services you cannot use are:
     registry, insurance, special handling, certified, return receipt or

     The post office encourages bulk mailers to use the correction service,
     it makes their job easier and their statistics look better.

     just my 2p


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Subject: Re: Mailings
Author:  "Book_Arts-L: The list for all the book arts!"
Date:    1/22/98 6:20 PM

One more thing regarding mailings:

As I understand it, if you bulk mail, then you do not get the corrections
such as forwarding addresses,etc. So, if you do go with bulk mailings, then
perhaps doing first class mailings every once in a while to clean up your
list would be a wise investment of the extra postage.


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