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Re: workshops for small press publishing)

The Small Press Center is to be highly commended for putting this together.
Lots of work to secure funding & pull such a thing together, I'm sure. Still,
there's something wrong when The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Random
House, & Barnes and Noble get together to teach people how to run a small
publishing venture. I  find it hard to imagine these people could have much
insight into the real world of small press publishing in America. This line-up
of speakers is highly disappointing. There are plenty of local small press
publishers the organizers could have invited. That said, I suppose that if I
were anywhere near the area, I'd probably pony up & see what they had to say.

all best,
Charles Smith
Arcturus Editions

In a message dated 98-01-23 08:00:43 EST, you write:

<<  The New York Times will sponsor, and Publishers Weekly participate in, a
 series of seven workshops for small press publishing entrepreneurs, aspiring
 publishers, writers and those interested in learning how publishing works.>>


 workshops will be led
 by successful independent publishers, working professionals from major New
 York publishing houses, as well as prominent legal, editorial, sales and
 marketing personnel.  Speakers include Charles McGrath, Editor, The New York
 Times Book Review; Richard Marek, Executive Editor, Kirkus Reviews; Andrew
 Carpenter, Art Director, Random House; James Fitzgerald, Executive Editor,
 Martin's Press; Marcella Smith, Small Press Manager, Barnes and Noble; and
 Judith Appelbaum, bestselling author of How to Get Happily Published. >>

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