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Re: Mailings

At 09:57 PM 1/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
>no, it's 50 cents per returned item--if you have a really bad mailinglist,
>that can add up...  you also have th option of not putting "address
>correction requested" on th pieces, then they just get tossed and your
>mailing list stays buggy...
>every situation is different, & you have to do the math to compare realtive
>prices...  say f'rinstance you do 3 mailings a year, 500 pieces:
>                firstclass                      3rd class
>permit                                               $85
>1500 pieces    x.32 = $480                   x.20@ = $300
>returns*                                             $12.50
>total                 $480                           $397.5
>                *(a good list, 5% bad addresses the
>                 first time only 'cause you fix 'em)
>and again, i'm figuring round numbers off the top ov my head--check
>the post office, they're supposed to help...

Yes it is 50 cents each. But in my case first class was 78 cents and bulk
was 23 cents. This was a big savings on over 2000 pieces. We also had only
about 2% bad address returns. You also have to watch what they charge you
for returns at the local p.o. they came back with charges of 50 cents to
$1.78 because not everyone was familiar with what the charge should be.


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