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New bookbinding glossary: ABC OF BOOKBINDING by Jane Greenfield

Oak Knoll Press would like to announce the imminently available new
glossary, with over 700 line illustrations, about bookbinding and the
history of bookbindings.

Written and Illustrated by Jane Greenfield

"This book will benefit the library and broader book world for decades to
come. Book collectors, book cataloguers, and book dealers will welcome this
work as the book they have needed and wanted for years. I believe it is
definitely one of the best reference tools one can obtain on the art and
history of binding, I only wish it had been available sooner."

- Gay Walker, former Head of Preservation Department and Curator,
Arts of the Book Collection, Yale University Library

Locating accurate descriptions of bookbindings from various periods has
previously been frustrating for those who work with rare and antiquarian
books. However, the search is now over thanks to Jane Greenfield's work,
which will quickly take its place alongside John Carter's ABC For Book
Collectors as well as Don Etherington and Matt T. Roberts' Bookbinding and
Conservation of Books.

Ms. Greenfield, a master in the field of bookbinding and conservation, has
provided for the first time, a uniquely illustrated glossary covering terms
related to bookbinding and the book. Examining the book's development
through different times and in different places, this work includes names
and drawings for almost every conceivable part of the book as well as a
multitude of styles, bindings and decorations. Greenfield literally takes
apart the structure of the book through the ages, illustrating the many and
varied facets of books with over 700 line drawings and definitions that
clearly outline the historical development of the book's structures and styles.

With this work, Greenfield makes a significant contribution to the study and
practice of the book arts as well as providing an extremely useful guide for
all who handle rare books including book collectors, bookbinders, binding
historians, librarians, conservators, and antiquarian book specialists.
Greenfield is a highly respected professional in the field of conservation
and is one of the pioneers in developing many conservation techniques. She
has studied with Paul Banks and Laura S. Young, has handled many priceless
treasures for Yale's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library and has gone
on to be Yale University's Library Conservator for ten years. She has taught
bookbinding in the Graphic Design Program at the Yale Art School for 21
years as well as numerous other gifted pupils who are now conservators at
other collections. She has also directed a three-year National Endowment for
the Humanities-funded Book Preservation and Conservation Program, training
interns and producing educational materials now used at hundreds of
libraries. Published by Oak Knoll Press and The Lyons Press. Due to be
published in February. Advance orders accepted.

Hardcover, 8 x 11 inches, over 700 illustrations, 200 pages.
ISBN 1-884718-41-8 / Price $35.00 + shipping / Order# 49915-A4

Shipping is $4.00 for the first volume and $0.75 for each additional volume
via UPS Ground. Postage is $5.50 for single-order copies outside the US and
is added based on weight for orders of more than two copies. Orders are
processed and shipped within 7 business days.

Order from:

Oak Knoll Books
414 Delaware Street, New Castle DE 19720 USA
Phone 1-800-996-2556 or (302) 328-7232 / Fax (302) 328-7274
Email: oakknoll@oakknoll.com / Web: http://www.oakknoll.com

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