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Hollander/Laid Wire Mold

I am an obsessive do it yourself kind of person.  Currently, I am designing a
Hollander beater and would like to avoid the unreasonable costs of my local
machine shop.  Is there anyone that makes or sells rollers and bed plates?

Also, I have made a number of laid wire paper molds that work rather well.  I
made a kit for my mother based on one my designs and she thought other
papermakers might be interested in it.  I have no idea of how many people, in
the world or on this list, are making paper .  I would consider making 15 or
more of these kits if I can find enough people that are interested.  The kit
would consist of a lap jointed oak frame and deckle, and pine ribs with
doweled ends.  Assembly of the mold and deckle would require the insertion of
dowels into pre-drilled holes and gluing, followed by a generous application
of linseed oil.  Foolproof directions, materials, and a template will be
provided for assembling and attaching the screen.  The assembly time for a 6"
by 9" fine wire screen is about 3 hours. I would probably make two different
size moulds, and provide chain link widths and screen wire dimensions based on
interest.  The costs would be according to size, about $150-250.

I went to the Nov. 1997, Book Arts Fair in Washington D.C. and saw a number of
papermakers displaying their paper.  I saw few displays with laid paper.  Is
laid paper not popular among papermakers?

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