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Re: workshops for small press publishing)

>there's something wrong when The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Random
>House, & Barnes and Noble get together to teach people how to run a small
>publishing venture. I  find it hard to imagine these people could have much
>insight into the real world of small press publishing in America. This
>of speakers is highly disappointing. There are plenty of local small press
>publishers the organizers could have invited. That said, I suppose that if I
>were anywhere near the area, I'd probably pony up & see what they had to say.

Have to agree with Charles Smith here. For a couple of decades I feel like
I've heard from many quarters that small presses would succeed better if
they acted more like the big presses. And some who have, yes, have enjoyed
great growth, but at some cost, too (some loss of editorial independence
and risk-taking, sometimes the development of press artist/founders into
strictly administrators, etc.). I certainly do not think this is the only
path, and, to me, not even the desirable path. Sure, there are things to
learn from people in publishing at all levels, but Charles is right that it
would be nice if somebody put together such a series which primarily
featured people active with small presses,


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