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Re: gilding edges of bk pages?

Referencing your question about gilding edges of bk pages:  actually the
process is not that difficult, just have to be careful.  Use gold leaf (which
flies away easily and pva, I think).  It seems to me to be too much trouble,
but then I'm an artist bookbinder, not conservationist/traditionalist type.
In terms of gauche--it is similar to watercolr except that you can use it over
watercolor--put it on a calligraphy pen and write over watercolor.  Also, you
can find shell gold paint and paint it on the edges of a book, too.  It is
easier to use than trying to glue gold leaf to the edges of a book.

Pam Leutz, VP of the Dallas Lone Star Chapter of the National Bookworkers
Guild gave an excellent demo of the process recently.  Perhaps someone who was
there and is on this list might be able to describe the process more
thoroughly than I.  Hope this helps.  jansapp@aol.com

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