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re paper storage

>After about 5 years of
>storage, papers touching the coated wood went from around 6.5 to 5.5 tested
>with a reactive pen. I bought some very heavy barrier paper from Light
>Impressions to line all the shelves and have had no recent problem.
Please tell me about this reactive pen. I assume it is measuring pH. I thought
material had to be completely wet to properly measure pH.

In my construction projects I try to leave the insides of  drawers uncoated
wherever possible. Why? Because the wonderful smell of wood stays with
the piece for years. However if you can smell it, the wood is probably
giving off vapors that could affect paper, its well masticated cousin.
Do “wood fumes” make paper acidic?

Perhaps we should use an alkaline wood like “ash.” Ha-ha, only joking.

I would be concerned by any design that uses flat shelves connected directly
to drawer tracks. Most of these mechanisms are pre-greased, and even a minimal
side edge would prevent paper from getting greasy.

Cyan  >(:

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