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Re: EdgeDecoration by Mitchell

At 11:26 AM 1/25/98 EST, you wrote:
>Mia Leijonstedt <mia@call.clara.net> just wrote "A very useful book
>that deals with all aspects of edge decoration, gauffering incl., and
>provides easy to follow notes on various methods is John Mitchell's
>'Edge Decoration'."
>      I just did a search at every online bookstore I know of (both
>in print & out of print) but couldn't find anything abt this bk.
>      Can anyone please provide further info abt this bk. or tell me
>where to look for it?
>      Thankyou so much!!!!!
>                            Love,
>                                Kerrie
>Kerrie ,

I do not know about the book Edge Decoration by John Mitchell.There is a
book  Introduction to Gold Finishing by John Mitchell. Which can be ordered
through Bookbinders Warehouse.

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