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Re: EdgeDecoration by Mitchell

Kerrie Johnston wrote:
> Gill Johnston <venues@MINDSPRING.COM> kindly wrote "I do not know
> about the book Edge Decoration by John Mitchell.There is a book
> Introduction to Gold Finishing by John Mitchell. Which can be ordered
> through Bookbinders Warehouse <karenc5071@aol.com>"
>         I found both books in both the Bookbinders Warehouse catalog
> & the Bookmakers International catalog.
>         Since they're kinda pricey would anyone happen to know how
> they compare w/ each other? They're both by the same author so I'm a
> bit confused as to which one I'd want.
>         thankyou so much for any help you can give me.
>                        Love,
>                           Kerrie
Edge Decoration deals with gold leafing of book edges, gauffering, and
underpainting. John's book on Gold Finishing is about the fundamentals
of gold tooling on covers and backs of books. They are well written and
illustrated. It is the next best thing to seeing John do it in person.
Bob Nelson

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