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Re: gilding edges of bk pages?


Shell gold can be bought in a good art supply store and it acts like
watercolor or gauche although it comes by itself in a little round pan.  It
looks more like gold leaf than other gold paints that you would use on the
fore-edge, head, bottom of the book.   I'd try this on a practice 'book'
before I did the real thing; also I would use wooden clothes pins, with pieces
of scrap paper underneath them to protect the 'book', before I did the real
thing.  Use a dry brush rather than one sopping wet.  Another lister wrote a
beautiful description of painting the edges of the book; you might want to
contact the writer off list as he/she seems to know a lot more about this
technique than I.  Good luck--and have fun with it.  jansapp@aol.com

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