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Re: Gilding and Edge Decoration

This subject came up on the list last August 1997.   I posted the following


In reply to both queries on edge gilding and gauffering, the following two
books will be found excellent "teachers":

Mitchell, J  " A Craftsman's Guide to Edge Decoration", The Standing Press,
1993, [ISBN 0 952 1626 0 1].

The last two chapters give a description with photographs of
the techniques for colour under gold and fore-edge painting.

I posted this earlier this year to answer a similar query.  There are
plenty of photos and detailed practical notes in the book.   It is a hobby
with me, but I have attended John Mitchell's occasional practical courses.
 Once you have completed the edge gilding (which I find easier than
decoration on leather!) simple gauffering is relatively straightforward
with pattern tools, but practice is what is required to achieve consistency
and perfection, on books of little value.

Mitchell J  "An Introduction to Gold Finishing", The Standing Press, 1995.
ISBN 0 9521626 3

I think both books are available as paperbacks, which will be a little


Rodney Fry
<  rod.fry@gecm.com>

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