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Re: shell gold

Shell gold is real gold powder mixed with gum arabic or glue to form a little
tablet that looks like a miniature watercolor tablet.  Actually, if you think
about it, it *is* watercolor whose pigment is gold -- same formulation.  It's
very expensive, but it goes further than you'd think.  It can be lightly
burnished.  It's called shell gold because it used to be stored in a mussel

I was taught to reserve a brush just for use with shell gold, so as to avoid
washing the gold down the sink.  I store the brush and shell gold tablet in
the same plastic bag.

Gold gouches and paints and inks are metal (mixtures), mica, or plastic.  With
the metallic-based paints you have to worry about tarnishing or turning, but
the plastics are quite stable.


Beth Lee
Tallahassee, Florida

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