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Mitchell's Books

I never seem to get to my e-mail before a half-dozen folks have already
responded to some great questions, so forgive me if all of this is a
duplicate, but here is some detailed info on the two John Mitchell titles:

"The Craftsman's Guide to Edge Decoration" is 100 pages, well illustrated by
Nolan Watts. Details the techniques for EDGE coloring, sprinkling, edge
marbling, gilding "in the flat" and "in the round", foredge painting,
gauffering, coloring under gold and more.  It is worth the $43.50 (plus $3
shipping) in soft cover. The hardcover is out of print now.

"An Introduction to Gold Finishing", second in the Craftsman's Guide series,
deals specifically with decorating/tooling/gilding covers and spine: thirteen
chapters cover basic lettering, typeholders, marking up, template preparation,
gold leaf, the use of finishing tools, and the correction of faults. Also well
illustrated, 107 pages. Even pricier than its sister, Edge Decoration: soft
cover if $60, hard cover $77.50, each plus $3.00 shipping.

If I had to find fault with either, it would be that neither has an index in
the back. Other than that, they are very good, albeit expensive books and the
only current titles I know of that deal with these subjects in depth. 'most
times you get a page or two within a general, overall bookbinding manual, with
far less detail than these offer.


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