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Bookbinder's Warehouse Catalog

Please excuse if anyone on the list feels this announcement too "commercial"
for posting, but so many folks have asked that I thought it more convenient to
comment here:

After an embarrassing long delay, the Bookbinder's Warehouse has FINALLY
issued a new catalog! Illustrated, of sorts, with photos, line drawings,  etc.
it is packed with 36 pages of mail order bookbinding leathers, vellums,
supplies, cloth, decorative and handmade papers, sundry items, tools,
equipment, instruction manuals and more.

If you already have an account with Bookbinder's Warehouse, or have ordered
from BBW in the recent past (you know who you are!) you are probably already
on our mailing list and will receive a complimentary copy shortly, without
further request, since many have been mailed out to existing customers during
the past week.  If you have NOT ordered before, or have received a post-card
notice and would like to receive a copy, please note that we are obliged to
charge an nominal $4 for the catalog to cover printing and postage, but with
it you will receive a $5 discount coupon on your first purchase. Pardon the
need to charge folks for a catalog, but it cost us nearly $5,000 to print and
mail, and this little two-and-a-half-woman-business just can't afford to
continue sending out hundreds, no thousands, of free catalogs!

If you would like to order a catalog, please send your $4 check to:

The Bookbinder's Warehouse, Inc.
31 Division St.
Keyport, NJ 07735-1522
phone (732) 264-0306
fax (732) 264-8266
e-mail: KarenC5071@aol.com

Regards, Karen L. Crisalli

P.S. Dad's doing great, for the dozens of you who asked!

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