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Re: p's and q's revisited

Picture this: a California Job Case -- a big shallow drawer
divided into many dozen little compartments (89).  Each compartment
is for a symbol in the font you are using: one compartment for
all the 'e's, one for all the '&'s, etc.  Each piece of lead
in this case is called a sort.

As you compose your text, you use up these sorts.  Maybe you
started with 40 'a's.  After you have composed enough text
to use up all those 'a's, you can not compose another word
using an 'a'. You are OUT OF SORTS.  (you know the feeling?)

The work around is to put in another sort of the same width
as the missing character upside down (showing the "feet" of
the sort, not the replacement character).  When you can free
up your sorts, you swap in the needed character.



Jennifer Vignone wrote:
> Hey--can you give the background on this too?? ("out of sorts") I would
> love to know what the derivation of this is...thanks.
> jennifer
> >
> >Also, printing is where "out of sorts" comes from too!
> >Regards,
> >
> >        David Macfarlane,
> >        Green Dolphin Press.
> >        www.greendolphinpress.com

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