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Minsky Online

Minsky Online is on a new server. If you have bookmarked or linked a website
to the old address it will no longer work. Please remove links to
<http://www.avsi.com/minsky/> and all subsidiary files, and, if you have
linked Center for Book Arts, please remove links to

The correct address for Minsky Online and all subsidiary files is:


I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The previous host
server was down for a couple of weeks, and it took some time to make the
change. Also, if you have e-mailed me at minsky.com, please resend the mail,
as the old minsky.com server stopped forwarding mail to me when it crashed
(New Year's Eve).

Please note: if you use a search engine like Lycos or HotBot or Excite or
Webcrawler to find Minsky.com they still give the wrong address, which gives
an error message. It will take them several weeks to update their databases
(they index some 50 million web pages).

There are a few new things at Minsky Online, but I haven't updated the links
page yet. That will come when I have some time to check all the links. In a
few weeks there will be a major addition, as I'm almost finished with "The
Second Amendment" (I made a snakeskin cabinet for it). When it's done I'll
take some pix & post 'em.


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